Assistance Dogs International Oceania is a region of ADI (Assistance Dogs International). Assistance Dogs International Oceania is the Peak Body for non profit organisations, who train and place Assistance Dogs in Oceania Region.

These dogs not only help their handlers with physical tasks, but offer them a form of confidence and independence.

Assistance Dogs International Oceania is part of ADI’s mission and therefore we aim to:

  • Establish and promote standards of excellence in all areas of Assistance Dog acquisition, training and partnership
  • Facilitate communication and learning among member organizations,
  • Educate the public to the benefits of Assistance Dogs and ADI membership

Assistance Dogs International Oceania aims to regulate and heighten the standards of training, placement and working relationships of Assistance Dogs, while improving the education of staff and volunteers across Assistance Dogs organisations in Oceania.

Assistance Dogs International Oceania members will meet regularly to share ideas and experiences while discussing the best ways to educate the general public about Assistance Dogs, understand the legal rights of recipients and their dogs, setting standards and establishing moral codes for training the dogs and improving the bonding and capabilities of working teams.